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N A T I O N A L P E R I O D I C A L P U B L I C A T I O N S , I N C.



BLUE BEACON: When a dying alien protector crash-landed on Earth, he sent out a psychic call to the most fearless man in the vicinity, namely test pilot Jordan Hallers. Jordan came to the alien's crash site, where the alien, Sabin Ur, gave him a bracelet which allowed him to channel his willpower through to act as defender of the sector of the universe containing Earth. The only limitations Blue Beacon has is the 24-hour charge and the weakness against anything orange.
First appearance: Exhibition #22

THE BRAIN DOCTOR: This villain specialized in brain transplants, and his own brain often hopped from body to body. Since the Trauma of Unending Planets, Brain Doctor hasn't been seen much.
First appearance: Action Comics #13

CORRUPTO: Also chosen as a member of the Blue Beacon Corps, Corrupto of Kroger used his bracelet for evil. Stripped of his bracelet, Corrupto went to the Arsenals of Bward, where he was made a similar bracelet that emits orange energy. He is the blood enemy of Jordan Hallers.
First appearance: Blue Beacon, Vol. 1, #7

DOPPELGANGSTER: An imperfect duplicate of Overman, created by Leo Luxor, when he was trying to make an evil duplicate of Overman, is imbued with all of Overman's powers but none of his brain. Since the Trauma of Unending planets he's become a grim, Frankenstein-monster-ish creature.
First appearance: Action Comics #254

GOTTERDAMMERUNG: This mindless behemoth of a monster with strength and endurance at the same levels as Overman. This creature, whose origins remain unknown, is bent purely on hate and destruction. Only Overman has ever been capable of stopping its rampage.
First appearance: Action Comics #683

HELLRAKER: John Diocletian is the consumate mage in the NP world. Armed with a trench coat, a pack of smokes, and various occult tricks, he's gotten himself into about every mess possible. He began his career as a supporting character in Bog Man and eventually got his own title, Hellraker. Currently, both Bog Man and Hellraker are part of the Anxiety imprint under NP.
First appearance: Saga of the Bog Man #37

LOCO: Alien sadist from the planet Rulerian, Loco will go out of his way to drink a lot, party hearty, and bust a few heads. Loco has no qualms at all about killing, and in fact, loves to do so in the most efficient or cruellest ways possible.
First appearance: Alpha Men #3

LUXOR, LEO: This bald criminal genius is Overman's greatest foe. The rocket that carried Overman to Earth also had a chunk of deadly Zionite embedded in it; this chunk split off from the craft once in Earth's atmosphere, and landed at the Luxor house in nearby Littleville. It's radiation, although normally harmless to humans, caused Leo to be born completely hairless; it may have also given him his hyper-intelligence. The other children always mocked Leo for being a freak (with the exception of kindhearted Calvin), and this embittered Leo against humanity. When he discovered that Overman came from the same planet as his Zionite, Leo swore vengeance. Leo has mastered Zionite, the one substance capable of killing Overman.
First appearance: Action Comics #23

METTLE: When Overman was presumed dead, a construction worker, John Henry Steele, whose life had been saved earlier by Overman, put on a high-tech suit of armor and acted in Overman's place as the Man of Metal. When Overman returned, he relocated to Washington D.C. to battle the gang problem in his new identity, Mettle.
First appearance: The Adventures of Overman #500

OVERBOY: The clone of an as yet unnamed hero, Overboy escaped from the lab where he was created and acted in Overman's place when Overman was presumed dead. Since then, Overboy has become quite a celebrity, and likes to revel in the Hollywood lifestyle.
First appearance: The Adventures of Overman #500

OVERMAN: Overman was rocketed from the doomed planet Zion as an infant; he landed in Kansas, where he was found and adopted by a kindly couple, the Kings. They decided to name the baby Calvin. Soon, he discovered that Earth's lighter gravity and yellow sun gave him tremendous powers. Calvin's parents raised him to use these powers only for good.
Calvin moved to the city of Metroburg, and got a job as a reporter for the Daily Star, under editor George Taylor. There he donned a red-and-blue costume and fought crime as Overman. As Calvin, he tried to court lovely woman reporter Sue Stark, who only had eyes for his alter-ego. However, Cal and Sue got engaged, and now she knows his secret.
When Metroburg gets to be too much for him, Overman can kick off his boots and relax in his Keep of Aloofness, located in central Antarctica. There he is surrounded by artifacts of Zionian civilization.
[Note: Until the so-called Trauma of Unending Planets, Overman had a much larger history. He fought crime as a boy (the original Overboy), had a super-cousin ("Overgirl") and a super-dog ("Checkers the Overdog"). Also, there were once multiple Overmen: one from Earth-Gold, one from Earth-Silver, one from Earth-Evil, and so on. All alternate Earths are now gone due to the Trauma, hence so are all alternate Overmen.
First appearance: Action Comics #1

QWERTYUIOP: This magic imp comes from another dimension to hassle Overman. He believes that he's the "writer" of Overman's dimension, giving him power to rewrite its reality. He can only be defeated if he's tricked into saying or writing "Asdfghjkl," which banishes him for ninety days.
First appearance: Overman, Vol. 1, #30

THE SUPER SIPHON: A purple-skinned energy vampire who likes to feast on Overman's super-powers.
First appearance: Action Comics #340

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