Getting Started in the LNH

So, you want to get started in the LNH? The first question you have to answer is:


If you affirm, by all means, continue.

There are several sources of information on getting started in the LNH. the first thing you need to do is check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Legion of Net.Heroes. It should answer many of the questions that will come to mind.

Next, READ. Read LNH stories, both past and present. Get a feel for the characters, the Looniverse, and the LNH in general. We recommend you spend at least a month before posting stories. Now, hold on; I know what you're thinking. "A month?!? This guy's nuts!" We point to the fact that the Superguy group recommends a three month wait. And, remember, this is just a recommendation. We can't stop you if you want to jump in -- but we can ignore you. The Looniverse is something that's been built by the collective efforts of several dozen individuals over the last few years. We care about it, so handle with caution!

We also have several guides for writing for the LNH. These include:

Once you've checked these resources out, you may have begun to get a good feel for the LNH. Time to move on to the reference material on the Looniverse...

If you don't think the LNH is for you, you can check out the other RACC universes at and

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This page last updated: 18 November 1997.