Ultimate Ninja

Writer: wReam (aka. Raymond Bingham)

Address: rayb@shofixti.fc.hp.com



Setting: LNH.HQ and the Looniverse

Run: Ongoing, when it started? Umm I dunno... it was a Long time ago... When Drizzt started his stuff... :)

History: Well it all started when I was twelve... I had a love for comics and I started drawing little comics and stuff. I always included characters in it that I could identify with. My first character was Wizard Ray. He was a powerful wizard, and with the friendship of some of my buddies from church, we fought evil in a fantasy realm... Over time I adapted my fantasy comic into a superhero comic, and then eventually dropped the fantasy alltogether. The character i am most proud of is one named Elementis. She is a bimbo, white (for legal purposes) somewhat copy of the character "STORM" from the Xmen. My brother originated her, but I made her into the bimbo that she is. I have over 100 pages of classic comics I did with her as the main character. I became attracted to the LNH when Scav called the LNH back together just before Rec.arts.comics had been changed over to the new hierarchy. The LNH made a massive migration to alt.comics.lnh (and at that time RAC.misc) because RAC homeworld would be destroyed. I created the character Ultimate Ninja out of my love for the oriental martial artist. Since there was no leader for the LNH at the time I joined, I thought it a worthwhile goal to set myself as leader, and err... that caused a lot of controversy, which Martin helped me iron out. :) There is a force in the universe which I like to describe as accellerated entropy. It is known as wReamentropy. In particular there are great concentrations of this in the Looniverse. I needed a character to exemplify this force of mangled disintegration, and thus was born wReamicus Maximus. Although I still have a weakness for the oriental movies and such... I began to soften and want a character with more mental and loving powers. wReamhack also changed from RosterwReam because I wasn't upkeeping the roster anymore and Onnomatopuweeah Person was changed into Vammo Woman... SBB soon was created... I am quite notorious for being slow to deliver anything in written form, and the year with my wedding, graduation, a new job and now my wife being pregnant things don't look to be simplifying. But I have some ideas to develope some of the characters a bit more, and maybe form a new team on the side. Web Page: None yet.

FTP: ftp://ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Ultimate.Ninja/

This page last updated: 8 December 1997.