The Team

Was it fate or just a cool resturaunt full of superheroes that brought this group together. The mystery will be answered someday..... well maybe

Writer: Jesse N. Willey




Setting: From Sig.ago (in most issue...) to Lancaster, PA, to Outer Space to Greece

Run: The Team #1- on up (Though they started being gathered at the end of Action League: New Brunswick and their meetings actually started in later issues of Boy Redundant Lad)

History: They gathered together just to hang out. (In the last issue of Action League: New Brunswick and Boy Redundant Lad #8) They fought villian and things on occassion. (Absurd Lass, Patient Zero, BRL and Guardian Knight in BRL#9) They ussually help each other with personal problems, (like in BRL #12) But an alien invasion shattered that paradise. Now they have gathered to kick evils butt on their off hours. (While sitting around on their @$$es the rest of the time.)

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