Following the adventures of a government sanctioned team of Teenagers with several goals in mind: Peace, Justice, and Cold, Hard, Cash, Teenfactor has lasted thru two series and is on a third.

Writer: Tom Russell, Jnr.

Address: tiffer003@aol.com



Setting:Sig.ago and various settings thru out the Looniverse. Basically Sig.ago

Run: Malingerer Lad And Teenfactor May 1995 To August 1995
Frost And Teenfactor August 1995
Teenfactor September 1995 To Present

History: Several teenagers banded together to form Teenfactor, a government sponsered teenager net.ahuman team. Along the way they were joined by Areo Lass and Golden boy. Everything was just fine until Jenifer Frost decided to take over as teacher, using her two minions, former Gen Y members Morgan Le Fab and Bad Timing Boy to capture them. Shaggy and Golden Boy teamed up with Frost, while the others left for Net.ropolis. After much Tomfoolery involving the Time Crapper and Lagneto, seperatly, Teenfactor found themselves brought back together after Self- Righteous Preacher's repressed dark side Vice kidnapped the female members of the team. Bad Timing Boy, Exponents Lad and Pig Latin Lass left and Frost was teacher. Malingerer Lad was faced with the Stranger, who told him he could not angst, when he did just that; but it turned out not to be the stranger but Useless Powers Lad. Frost revealed her secret past to Morgan Le Fab and Golden Boy, GB and Frost leaving, seperatly. The Polybag Person was left to teach. Bad idea. Arcania, Teenfactor's associate, left around this time, but came back when her body was taken over by the Time Crapper ,who revealed himself really to be UPL. UPL as taken away by the Time Crapper, and Teenfactor is currently on vacation in Net.ropolis.

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