Tales of Continuity

A straightforward title, billed as "a gothic high fantasy with a touch of superheroics thrown in for good measure." The enigmatic Thoreau and his rival, the equally mysterious Champion, battle the forces of the Nine, striving to stave off the apocalypse which draws ever closer...

Writer: Jeff Barnes

Address: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu



Setting: Misery Ridge, a Walled district of Coastal City

Run: January 1996 - present

History: To tell the story would give away the fun and the mystery which pervades TALES. Read the issues.

Web Page: http://pulsar.cs.wku.edu/~barnejd/mylnh/tales.html

FTP: ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Series/Tales.Continuity/

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