Tales of the Legion of Net.Heroes

A continuing story of the struggle of a mostly average, furry leopard girl superheroine to make it in a world under attack from X-mutants clones and stupid comic enhancements.

Writer: Hubert Bartels

Address: hgb@catalina.opt-sci.Arizona.EDU



Setting: Mainly Net.ropolis, though spilling into other cities, times and realities

Run: December 1992 - present

History: While 'Tales of the Legion of Net.Heroes' has been written by other authors, it is with the signing of Hubert Bartels as author for Tales of the LNH #278 that the title first became a starring vehicle for Panta, the leopard girl/superheroine. Tales of the Legion of Net.Heroes has been one of the longest continuing titles in the LNH universe.

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FTP: ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Series/Tales.LNH/

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