Swordmaster and the Load Island Renegades

A lunatic robot, a man in spandex who has been cursed by a demon obsessed with the Seventies, a man dressed like a squealing flying rodent, and several other deranged people bounce off of the walls.

Writer: Matthew "Badger" Rossi

Address: badger@eyrie.org



Setting: Provid.net.cence, Load Island

Run: Yes, you should.

History: History? Have you people been paying attention at all? Well, here's a stab at it: The US Army built a modular attack robot, based on technology left behind by some alien horde or another, and accidentally allowed the entire Joel Hodgson run of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to be played into its memory. Meanwhile, David Divad was forced to fight crime by his incredibly pushy father. Mix in The Digressor, a man in a bat costume who once won a fight by throwing a jar of mayonaise at a demon, and The Pirates of Penzance, and a hero team is born!

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