Spite Grrrl

THe fun-loving adventures of one hacked-off chick and her toy raccoon. Mix one part Tank Girl, one part Milk & Cheese, and one part author. Chill. Serve under glass.

Writer: Michael Friedman

Address: hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu



Setting: Net.ropolis and the planet Rust

Run: February 1995 - August 1995

History: Spite Grrrl joined the LNH while trying to capture the menacing Happy Pig Boy, who wreaked havoc over Net.lanta. During her stint with the LNH, Spite Grrrl became involved with Nit-PIck Lad, who accompanied her when she went up against Polybag Person.

The series also featured her telepathic toy raccoon, who also offered his insight (snide comments) as well.

After a battle against the J'so empire on the planet known as Rust, the series changed into Los Bastardos, though issues of Spite Grrrl are still irregularly put out.

Web Page: http://havoc.gtf.gatech.edu/hrivnak/WWW/spite.html

FTP: ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Series/Spite.Grrrl/

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