Off Kilter Adventures

A cynical, onthological and altogether philosphical series of sardonic comedy and thinly-veiled sarcasm, featuring four LNHers as they try to deal with the nature of reality and the current state of the Legion of Net.Heroes.

Writer: Ben Rawluk




Setting: Hrm. More or less LNHQ, on Earth, but also all over Net.ropolis, and a few places here and there...

Run: (As Lurker Lad) Mid-1997 - December, 1997
(As Off Kilter Adventures) January, 1998 - on

History: _Off Kilter Adventures_ began its existence as _Lurker Lad_, a solo series dealing with the adventures of Aaron Adams, a lurker. However, eventually Ben wanted to expand the focus of the book and bring in a slightly larger cast, w/o the obligatory, if somewhat shoehorned "team book" concept. The series title was meant as a nod to the old Silver Age comics, like Adventure Comics or Bizarre Adventures. The new series was originally intended to be a means of viewing the LNH in Silver Ageish atmosphere, but Ben's growing cynicism and philosphical nature combined to make him take the series in a more sardonic direction.

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