Following the adventures of various heroes in the city of Net.ropolis, and, most importantly, the Ultimate Ninja and Lily Paschall, this series strives to tell various stories from a city rich with history.

Writer: Tom Russell, Jnr.




Setting: Net.ropolis. That much is pretty obvious, isn't it?

Run: September 1998 to present

History: Lily Paschall (the cousin of Sing- Along- Lass) was perfectly content to be a bank teller, until the Rampaging Elephant robbed said bank. Kidnapped by Barksied, she was given the Power CosMc and transformed into Merrax the Maimer. After a breif, but entertaining skirmish with the LNH, Lily decided to join at the behest of her cousin. The Ninja took her on a mission to Apoochcalypse to loosen the hold Barksied had, retconning the Ninja drastically. Her powers emerged again, and she killed Barksied (then ressurected him.) Elsewhere, Ms. Paprika, aka supermodel Alicia Avenue, had her children kidnapped. She pursued the kidnapper, and the Ninja undertook the quest himself: Lily, against the Ninja's protests, assisted him, taking the codename Groundswell. And there's still more after that, but I'm writing this now . . ., when its only up to issue 8.

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