The Moosetifying Adventures of Moose Man

This title follows the adventures of Bob Winkleman, Moose Man! Manager of a Super Ame.rec.a convenience store, Moose Man attempts to fight crime and defend the innocent in the small city of Rec.chester in his spare time.

Writer: Kyle Lucke




Setting: Rec.chester,

Run: January 1996 - present

History: Moose Man made his first heroic appearance stopping a robbery at the convenience store where he works in his civilian identity. Since then, the people of Rec.chester have become dependent on him to save their bacon in most every crisis, due to the ineptitude of their police force and the novelty of having their very own net.hero.

He has to date only come up against one super-powered villain, the Pasteurizer, who was holding a billboard hostage. Unbeknownst to Moose Man, though, the villainous organization THEY will become a major thorn in his side in months to come.

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