Los Bastardos

Net.xico: somebody has to protect it. Unfortunately, that would be Los Bastardos.

Writer: Michael Friedman

Address: hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu



Setting: Net.varez, Net.xico

Run: August 1995 - present

History: Evolving from the pages of Spite Grrrl, Los Bastardos is the continuing adventures of Spite Grrrl, Trux, and Nit-Pick Lad, now joined by Netiquette Lad, Brand Name Boy, and Liquid Tide as Los Bastados.

The name was coined by their oft-enemy Humberto Chimichanga, who works for the evil Xin, who hopes to conquer the Looniverse from his domain of the X-Dimension.

Paid off by the goddess Amor, Trux has convinced the team (and the leaders of the LNH) that they must protect the Pool of the Great Beasts and remain stationed in Net.varez. Yes, they have a stuffed toy raccoon as their leader.

Web Page: http://havoc.gtf.gatech.edu/hrivnak/WWW/los.html

FTP: ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Series/Los.Bastardos/

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