Dvandom Force

Oscillating between deadly serious and lethally silly, this title is Dvandom's flagship offering, currently in something of a JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA vein.

Writer: Dave Van Domelen

Address: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu



Setting: Sig.ago, Illi.net, and various other realities.

Run: February 1993 - present

History: Originally this series was named Constellation and revolved around the coming of age of a uniquely powerful individual of the same name. When he left the title, it became more of a team book trying to recapture the flavor of Silver Age DC team books, but vaulting all over the place. Dvandom Force was originally led by Sig.Lad, but when he was killed, Squidman took over the reins.

Web Page: http://pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu/~dvandom/LNH/lnhstories.html

FTP: ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Series/Dvandom.Force/

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