Continuity Champ & The Drizzt's Defenders

The adventures of the original LNH cosmic hero, his love (?) interest, his shape-changing sidekick, his barbarian rival, an eccentric cosmic entity, a guy with a living costume, and a few other sundry characters.

Writer: Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes




Setting: The Drizztsat, an odd alien satellite owned by the Drizzt in geosynchronous orbit above Net.ropolis and which appears to extend into extradimensional space.

Run: January 1994 - August 1995

History: Continuity Champ was involved in the event called The Flame Wars II: The Drizzt Gambit. In the course of this battle, the cosmic entity called the Drizzt was discovered. At the end of the events, CC chose to remain on the Drizztsat rather than rejoin the LNH. He then used the satellite's technology to call a long-time friend, a female called Judak, to earth.

Not long afterward, the barbarian RetConan escaped from captivity by the Looker and made it to the Drizztsat. With the aid of CC, Judak, and the Drizzt, he was able to free others that the Looker had enslaved and foil a plot by DeFacto. He and Loquacious Lad then joined a group that Judak dubbed "The Drizzt's Defenders."

Circumstances later led to the team helping the LNHer called Trivia Master fake his own death to escape the villainous Grim Reaper Corps; he joined the team under the new identity of Crossword Master. Loquacious Lad was abducted by aliens and put on trial for murder. Though he was later cleared, he opted to leave the team.

While in space, the Drizzt's Defenders became embroiled in a plot by a creature called Harmony. He attempted to spread a "peace virus" throughout the Looniverse in anticipation of his alien masters' coming to conquer it. Continuity Champ foiled this plan and destroyed the virus.

The team returned home to face inner turmoils. RetConan -- and eventually the entire team except Judak -- was mentally enslaved by Dark Sing Along Lass until a mysterious being freed them. This led to problems between CC and Judak as well as RetConan leaving the team for a brief time.

After these problems were resolved and the Defenders reunited, Continuity Champ faced a personal crisis when, on a dare from RetConan, he shut down his powers. Unfortunately, he was then attacked by a horde of villains intent on killing him for a reward. Surviving this, his powers returned. He confronted the Drizzt and learned that he was dying. After unmasking Mr. Homage of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, CC turned to the force behind the attacks on him: an old girlfriend of his named Mirriam.

After that battle, Continuity Champ sought out the LNH's aid in finding a cure for his condition. Their solution was to reunite him with a doppleganger he had split from earlier in the series. This solution proved successful, though he lost his powers in the process.

With CC cured, the Drizzt determined to leave earth in the Drizztsat, taking RetConan and Crossword Master with him. Continuity Champ and Judak were married and relocated to parts unknown, while Obscure Trivia Lad rejoined the LNH.

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