The Continuing Adventures of Brain Boy

Carter Darson is an quiet, unassuming college student with two major problems in his life. One, he can't remember anything about his unassuming, college-student life, and two, he's saddled with telepathic powers he doesn't want. After being rescued from a multidimensional trap set by his evil alter ego, he embarks upon a voyage of discovery, heroics, and really cheesy soap opera-esque plots.

Writer: Sean Daugherty




Setting: Net.tropolis, Sig.ago, unspecified realms of the weird and unexpected

Run: December 31, 1996 -- present

History: The Continuing Adventures of Brain Boy #21-24 were written by Tom Russell with Sean Daugherty as Editor
The Continuing Adventures of Brain Boy #25 was co-written by Sean Daugherty and Tom Russell
Brain Boy Quarterly supplements the regular title every three months

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