Framed for a murder they didn't commit, hunted by former teammates and enemies alike, and constantly getting on each others' nerves, the a.outSiders are looking to clear their names and to keep from killing each other.

Writer: Ted "Arsenal" Brock

Address: tabrock@ptd.net



Setting: Mobile throughout the Looniverse... settings so far have been Net.ropolis, the Ca.net.ian Wilderness, Load Island, and the middle of the skies.

Run: December 1996-present

History: On the day that Skunk Girl, Shake-N-Bake Lass, the Great Oozelfinch, and the Living Monotone were inducted into the LNH, tragedy struck. The Living Monotone was killed, and the members who became the a.outSiders were framed for the murder. Since then, they have been hunting the actual killer, with limited success.

Web Page: http://home.ptd.net/~tabrock/fan-fic/index.html

FTP: ftp://ftp.eyrie.org/pub/racc/lnh/Series/a.outSiders

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