NAME: Ultimate Mercenary

ALTER EGO: Unknown


CREATOR: Tom Russell


POWERS: None... but he does have his ultra powerful green Mercmobile (TM) and basic ninja gear, along with ancient oriental healing herbs.

PERSONALITY: He tries to act like Ultimate Ninja, but fails miserably. He's basically the Ninja's lackey/whipping boy/assitant/bootlicker/etc.

HISTORY: On an alt.ernate reality called the Age Of Apocalisp, Ultimate Ninja was killed in a greuling battle. But he had a fan. And that fan had a son. And that son was cloned. And that clone had a son, whom had a son. This new son was cloned, and he had a son. That last son? He's Ultimate Mercanary. Tracing his roots, he took his name from that hero that inspired his father's clone's grandfather's clone's father. He soon became freinds with that reality's Andy Best, aka Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Lad. When Andy was killed by Apocalisp, the Merc teamed up with Fuzzboy in an attempt to save Manga Girl. He crossed over to our dimension during Afro Of Darnation and has become the Ninja's lackey ever since.

APPEARANCE: One half Deadpool, One quarter Ultimate Ninja, One quarter Green Ranger. You figure it out.

STATUS: Member of the LNH



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