NAME: Tymythy Twystyd

ALTER EGO: Timothy Bose


CREATED BY: Mark Friedman

PRIMARY WRITER: Mark Friedman / Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: General magical skills, emphasis on the ability to warp space/time. Due to the Bose Effect, a counterpart of him exists in almost every conceivable reality, many of which have powers themselves.

PERSONALITY: A keen mind hidden behind a somewhat flaky exterior.

HISTORY: A normal human from Constellation's home reality, he managed to grant himself powers by a combination of esoteric mental exercises and illicit drugs. Most of his history is linked to the ASH Universe, not the LNH, but he has appeared in the Looniverse on occasion. Most important of his appearances was the Crysys of Ynfynyte Tyms, where Acton Lord sought to exploit the Bose Effect to place a buffer between the Looniverse and its Writers.

APPEARANCE: GIFs available here

STATUS: Former member of the Raiders

RESERVED?: No, but ask before using


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