NAME: Trux



CREATED BY: Mike Friedman


POWERS: Telepathic communication; He can also walk, talk, move, etc. which is a bit odd for a toy raccoon; He can also regenerate if torn apart.

PERSONALITY: Trux is Spite Grrrl's more responsible half. He thinks in almost the same way as Spite Grrrl, but is more reasonable and doesn't think only of himself. He does like to cut-down many people, and listens to way too much rap, which causes him to use a lot of street slang.

HISTORY: Trux was a toy raccoon that was purchased by Spite Grrrl while she was living in Net.lanta. For some reason, he began to communicate with Spite Grrrl telepathically. It was first thought that he was just a figment of Spite Grrrl's imagination, but he eventually started communicating with Nit-Pick Lad when they were fighting Polybag Person (see CRIMES OF THE BROTHERHOOD). It wasn't until he, Spite Grrrl, and Nit-Pick Lad were transported to Rust that he got his new powers as an effect of the "rebirth wave" (see SPITE GRRRL #9-10). When they traveled back to Net.Earth, he organized the group that was in Net.varez, Net.xico into the group known as Los Bastardos (see LOS BASTARDOS #1-4).

APPEARANCE: He's cute. He's a stuffed toy raccoon.

STATUS: Leader of Los Bastardos; Member of LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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