NAME: The Drizzt

ALTER EGO: Heh heh



POWERS: The Drizzt is virtually omnipotent, but only within the realm of the Drizztsat. Because he is a five-dimensional being (heighth, width, depth, time, and plausibility), the Drizzt is unable to physically venture outside the absurdity redundancy fields created by equipment on board the Drizztsat. However, he does use a virtual reality hologram projector to manifest his appearance elsewhere. He is also very, very knowledgeable about the Looniverse, though whether this is because of some sort of cosmic awareness or simply through use of the powerful computers on board the Drizztsat is unknown. Finally, the being known as the Drizzt is actually a "hive consciousness" of sorts; in each dimension, he manifests a bit of himself which is to a degree independent of the rest, but still tied into the collective consciousness of the Drizzt.

PERSONALITY: The Drizzt is eccentric as cosmic beings go. How else can you describe an entity with the ability to level a world who walks the halls of his satellite dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans? He almost always has a wink and a smile for every situation. The Drizzt enjoys acting mysterious and powerful, preferring subtle manipulation over direct confrontation; however, he is not above direct use of his power when neccessary.

HISTORY: How the being called the Drizzt originated is unknown, perhaps even to him. The earliest reliable tell of a roaming being meeting his description on the fringes of the Looniverse, sometimes doing great good, sometimes doing great evil. Whether these accounts are true or not, the Drizzt is well-known throughout much of the Looniverse, though he is often known by other names. Centuries ago, one version of the Drizzt hivemind "broke off" from the rest and went irreversibly mad. He eventually destroyed his parallel Looniverse before crossing over into the mainstream Looniverse; this being came to be known as the Anti-Drizzt. After a great battle on many planes of existence, the Anti-Drizzt was exiled to an extra-dimensional prison. Eventually, the Drizzt encountered Darryth Rath after he had turned against Dimwiticus. Dimwiticus had nearly slain Rath, and the Drizzt nursed him back to full health, beginning a friendship that was to last centuries. Eventually, Darryth Rath (now known as Continuity Champ) was atomized while trying to stop a reality breach that threatened the Looniverse. The Drizzt was able to miraculously rebuild him, but the resultant being was unstable, both in terms of fluctuating power and personality. Realizing this, the Drizzt cautiously released him on earth to test his re-creation and fine tune his atomic structure. In time, the memory blocks he had induced in Continuity Champ began to fade, and CC remembered some things about him. It was at this point that the Anti-Drizzt returned, and one of his minions nearly killed the Drizzt while he attempted to aid the LNH in fighting his enemy. In time, he recovered, and CC remained on board the Drizztsat to found the Drizzt's Defenders. Eventually, the Drizzt told Continuity Champ all the details that filled in the gaps and blocks in his memory. When CC recovered from a deteriorating medical condition and retired, the Drizzt elected to leave earth in the Drizztsat, taking Crossword Master and RetConan along with him.

APPEARANCE: The Drizzt doesn't look like your average cosmic entity. He stands at 6'3" and has curly brown hair, blue eyes, and golden wire-rimmed glasses. He generally wears blue jeans, t-shirts/sweatshirts, and tennis shoes.

STATUS: Patron of the Drizzt's Defenders, member in good standing of the Society of Cosmic Beings

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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