NAME: The Appallingly Tasteless Man

ALTER EGO: Dennis Fringpanel


CREATED BY: Jaelle Ihimaera-Smiler

PRIMARY WRITER: Jaelle Ihimaera-Smiler

POWERS: Has revolting taste in clothing primarily but also in other things. Can stun or terrify people with his revolting clothes.

PERSONALITY: A former biology teacher turned supervillain, the ATM is usually behind the times when it comes to fashion, or indeed anything else. Humiliated by the way people always laughed at his clothes (or ran away screaming) he decided to make everyone else dress like him, then he wouldn't feel bad.

HISTORY: The Appallingly Tasteless Man was formerly a biology teacher at the school where a younger Mouse attended. Discovering her powers of subliminals, he tried to coerce her into using them in his evil plot. She refused, and some sort of battle took place. The Appallingly Tasteless Man disappeared, and has since reappeared, still trying to use his original plan.

APPEARANCE: It's break a mirror. He's not that bad-looking _himself_, but his _clothes_, urk!

STATUS: Arch-enemy of Mouse

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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