NAME: Skunk Girl

ALTER EGO: Stacy Boomer

ALIASES: "Skunky" (much to her dismay)

CREATOR: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

PRIMARY WRITER: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

POWERS: Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Balance, Superhuman Agility, Claws, Ability to emit Pheromones that either a) Influences People, or b) Smells so BAD that it Drives People Off. Although she has not revealed it yet, she has a wrist blaster in her armor that emits a beam of magnetic force.

PERSONALITY: Fairly outgoing at times, but can be coy and manipulative when she wants to be. She's not above using her body and powers to get what she wants.

HISTORY: Much of Skunk Girl's history is shrouded in mystery. It is known that she has done a bit of travelling, though she has not revealed where.

APPEARANCE: Tall, slender, black-furred with a bushy tail and a white stripe down her back. She's a Humanoid Skunk. Wears black armor for protection.

STATUS: Member of the a.outSiders



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