NAME: Sidewinder



CREATED BY: Mark McConnell

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Ability to charge into a discussion or event and then end up on the sidelines. Recently gained the power to bring others with him, or even banish others without leaving the storyline himself (but this last use requires technological help). Currently has access to the Crosspost Robo, a transforming powersuit which enhances his inborn powers and together with Deepsea and Flashfire merges to form the mighty FireTsar.

PERSONALITY: Earnest, wants to make a difference. Somewhat frustrated by his tendency to end up sidelined.

HISTORY: One of the original Cosmic Plot Device Caper LNHers, he was captured by Acton Lord prior to the events of the Electrocutioner's Song and his powers were tampered with. He drifted along in the LNH after his rescue for several months until joining the Secret Dvanders. Unfortunately, the nature of his corrupted powers prevented him from staying in the action for more than a short time in any situation. Went on a solo journey by motorcycle to Sig.ago to join Dvandom Force and ended up being Acton Lord's pawn in the Crysys of Ynfynyte Tyms. Finally, his powers were repaired by Skysabre and he started to participate more fully in the team.

APPEARANCE: GIFs available here

STATUS: Member of Dvandom Force, reserve member of LNH



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