NAME: Sarcastic Lad

ALTER EGO: Unknown

ALIASES: Mr. Niceguy, Gary St. Lawrence

CREATED BY: Gary St. Lawrence

PRIMARY WRITER: Gary St. Lawrence

POWERS: Retorts stupidity in a sarcastic manner.

PERSONALITY: Micro-scrutinizes any situation. Caustic and belittling.

HISTORY: Mr. Niceguy was a college student when he was suddenly possessed by a demon who urged him to be sarcastic. He decided to join the LNH after seeing a street sign that said "St. Lawrence" and thought, "I could join the LNH under the name Gary St. Lawrence! Who would ever think of Gary St. Lawrence as 'Mr. Niceguy'!"

APPEARANCE: Red and black spandex.

STATUS: Member of the LNH, memeber of Saint Squad



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