NAME: RetConan





POWERS: RetConan possesses living armor he calls Shamcutter; this armor appears to be immune (or highly resistant) to retcotheric energy. It provides him with a degree of enhanced strength, energy bursts, and flight.

PERSONALITY: RetConan is your typical barbarian, crude, rude, and arrogant. He is also incredibly cunning, a fact which is overlooked by many people who believe him to be a brainless brute.

HISTORY: RetConan was raised as a member of a barbarian tribe on a medieval type world where magic existed. Only at his sixteenth birthday did he learn his mother was in fact a sorceress from civilized lands who had been slain by a wizard-king from another land. RetConan, with the aid of a retcon-cutting sword he called Shamcutter, destroyed the wizard (one Squishi, aka "the Goo Wizard"). Some time later, he was summoned to the Looniverse by the Looker to aid him in his intricate plot to free him of his oath. RetConan (with aid from CC, Judak, and the Drizzt) managed to stop him, and joined the Drizzt's Defenders. He has since acted as CC's rival and foil, though the cosmic crusader has slowly earned his grudging respect. When the Drizzt elected to leave earth, RetConan and Crossword Master decided to go with him.

APPEARANCE: RetConan is a 6'5", bulky barbarian type. He has black hair and green eyes. He wears armor similar to that of Valiant's X-O.

STATUS: Member of the Drizzt's Defenders

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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