NAME: Psionic Lad

ALTER EGO: Laertes Johnson


CREATED BY: Carolyn Vaughan (

PRIMARY WRITER: Carolyn Vaughan

POWERS: Telpathy and telekinesis

PERSONALITY: Reluctant hero, cautious, planner, self-doubting

HISTORY: Psionic Lad's mutant powers manifested themselves when he was 16, and he wouldn't have been able to cope with them without Celeste's help. She convinced him to try to join the LNH with her, despite his doubts about whether he would make a good hero.

APPEARANCE: Psionic Lad is about 6' tall and has red hair and green eyes. His costume is blue and white, with white gloves and boots, a dark gray belt, and a blue domino mask.

STATUS: Probationary member of the LNH; Partner of Curious Lass

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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