NAME: Professor Perhap

ALTER EGO: Dr. Percevil Happenstance


CREATED BY: Mark Friedman


POWERS: Ability to make hypothetic situations come true.

PERSONALITY: Professor Perhap has a sense of superiority that comes from having a keen sense of what is going to happen.

HISTORY: Professor Happenstance was an assistant professor of biophysics at Net.ropolis University who, having been refused tenure once too often, vowed that he wouldn't be turned down ever again. Following his unpublished research, Professor Happenstance electricly stimulated the portion of the human brain that he had identified as being responsible for its ability to understand the concepts of past and future. The process had the effect of heightening his ability to influence future events based on his knowledge of current conditions. It also, unfortunately, drove him quite mad, a condition that led ultimately to his dismissal. Angry at the world, Professor Perhap joined Table's Brotherhood of Net.Villains. As a member of the Brotherhood, Professor Perhap was responsible for setting wild dogs against the LNHer Spelling Boy; Spelling Boy eventually survived but was never quite the same. Professor Perhap soon found that his abilities included being able to influence reality by the power of his mind, making hypothetical situations happen, no matter how unlikely they might seem.
Professor Perhap went on to join the new Brotherhood following the collapse of the old one. Transferring his anger at the world on the LNH in particular, Professor Perhap was dismayed when Mister Homage respectfully asked this new Brotherhood not to attack the Legion: he decided to plan his imagined revenge against the Legion despite Mister Homage's wishes. When Mister Homage told the Brotherhood membership to be a bit more creative, Professor Perhap saw it as an oportunity to destroy the Legion and convinced Grim and Gritty to go attack Bizarre Boy. When that attack went badly, Grim took out his frustrations on Professor Perhap. Having been severely beaten, Professor Perhap realised that all he had to do was believe he could survive and he would. When agents of S.C.O.R.E. raided Brotherhood Base, they found the unconscious Professor Perhap and flew him over to LNH HQ for treatment. Having awoken in LNH HQ, Professor Perhap imagined the unlikely scenario of being able to escape, get in touch with the members of the Brotherhood still at large and manage to regain their respect as a worthy ally. This scenario has, apparently, come true.

APPEARANCE: Professor Perhap often wears an oversized lab coat while doing research.

STATUS: Member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains



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