NAME: Plotline Lad

ALTER EGO: Matt Van Lansing


CREATED BY: Aaron Veenstra

PRIMARY WRITER: Jaelle Ihimaera-Smiler, Aaron Veenstra

POWERS: Plotline Lad can see into his near personal future, fly for short amounts of time and generally get things moving. Unfortunately, he has a hard time changing things once they're set into motion.

PERSONALITY: He's good at heart, easily frustrated, and tries to do too much. Barring any mishaps with supervillains, he'll probably die of exhaustion. He spends a lot of time wishing he were somewhere else, preferably somewhere with less supervillains, his own hero, and no sales (see WBW #24). He is quite intelligent, but has found few arenas to expend his artisitic energies while still being taken seriously as a hero. All in all, he'd rather just sit in a poorly-furnished living room with his friends and talk about what's wrong with his life.

HISTORY: Plotline Lad comes from a small town in the middle of Nowhere. When he heard that Writers Block Woman was looking for a replacement sidekick, he packed his things and headed straight for LNHHQ, where he (and GirlWatcher) were chosen as Mouse's stand-ins.

APPEARANCE: About 6'2", 220lbs, red hair a few inches down his back, glasses. His costume is sort of maroonish with a gold Atari-like logo on the chest.

STATUS: Sidekick of Writers Block Woman



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