NAME: Panta



CREATED BY: Hubert Bartels

PRIMARY WRITER: Hubert Bartels

POWERS: Feline-like powers like Tigra, Feral and Pantha.

PERSONALITY: Panta is one of the cutest, sexiest furry people around, almost always considerate and attentive. Until she is pushed too far. Until she is pushed into a BERSERKER RAGE(tm). Then she fights in the most disgusting, bloody, violent manner possible. She does not merely punch villains, she shreds them. Behind her, she leaves torsos, body parts, ripped out throats and rolling heads. (For a graphic example, see the aftermath of any LOBO fight.) However, she cannot sustain the BERSERKER RAGE(tm) more than a moment and afterwards is as weak as a kitten. She has been known to use a sword at times.

Intelligent, but naive, Panta must sometimes have things explained to her.

She enjoys swimming, active sports, and cat toys.

HISTORY: Her background is not clear. She was kicked out of Dr X's School for Gifted Youngsters for not being sufficiently powerful. She was starring in Image's 'BloodKitty', another brightly colored, exceedingly violent, plotless comic (now on hiatus.) Manga Man has desired her since her arrival at the Legion of Net.Heroes. Self-Righteous Preacher despises her. She has been linked with Pliable Lad, Lost Cause Boy, and Ultimate Ninja in rumors of sexual misconduct. None are true, but her reputation has suffered. Panta is a member of the former Net.Patrol (Panta, Curly, Kid Anarky, Lost Cause Boy (RIP), and Pliable Lad) For the LNH, she represents (1) the sexy women that are a part of every team. (T n' A factor) (2) the feline/werewolf/mutants like Pantha (New Titans), Feral (formerly of X-Force), Raine (X-Factor), Catspaw, (Legionnaires & LSH), but she's cuter.

APPEARANCE: A very sexy, slender Cat Girl, Panta has the yellow-orange fur of a leopard with black rosetted spots. Her fur shades to cream around her lower face, down her neck, and across her chest, breasts and stomach. She has a leopard tail with a black tip. Her snub nose is tipped with a little noseleather - like a cat's. No whiskers, but pale green cat eyes. Her cat ears are at the sides of her head, partially covered by a shock of almost white blonde hair. She usually wears a skin tight body suit, cut low across her firm breasts and high over her thighs. She is very beautiful, very sensual, in a savage furry way. She is an anthromorphic animal, a furry.

STATUS: Former member of Net.Patrol, member of the LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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