NAME: Osmosis Lass

ALTER EGO: Rachel Greensax


CREATOR: Sean Daugherty

PRIMARY WRITER: Sean Daugherty

POWERS: Rachel's powers essentially allow her to absorb liquids into her body, like a sponge.

PERSONALITY: Easygoing, amiable, but with a firm system of morals that she refuses to compromise, and which can cause rifts between her and other team members.

HISTORY: Rachel was a student at Net.tropolis University at the same time as Carter Darson (a.k.a. Brain Boy). The two had been close friends since childhood and were engaged to be married, until Carter's experiments caused him to split into two halves. His evil half nearly murdered Rachel and her family until his other half stopped him by propelling both of them into another universe. As a result of the evil Carter's telekinetic powers, Rachel found herself with rapidly changing superpowers, which would change in form about once a week, and were slowly destroying her life. With the help of Dr. Peters, a physician friend of hers, she was able to stabilize the process, and found herself with permanent absorption powers. Deciding to get over the loss of Carter, she applies for LNH membership, and is immensely startled to meet the restored good Carter, suffering from amnesia, in the same tryout group. The two have both agreed to end their engagement, at least temporary, and the distance between the two makes their romance a little impractical: As a member in good standing of the LNH, Rachel's still located in Net.tropolis, while Carter has relocated and gone solo in Sig.ago.

APPEARANCE: Early twenties, blonde-brown hair, green eyes. Her costume is a simple blue-green jumpsuit, supplemented by a small "LNH 4Ever" pin stuck onto it.

STATUS: Member of the LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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