NAME: Obscure Trivia Lad



CREATED BY: Brian Perler


POWERS: Originally, solely the ability to remember bits of useless trivia. After his resurrection, OTL possesses a shapechanging liquid metal android body, which makes him capable of lots of stuff.

PERSONALITY: I've always played OTL as slightly naive, never quite getting some of the remarks that are made about him. He is friendly toward most everyone. His distinguishing trait is that he always refers to himself in the third person.

HISTORY: Obscure Trivia Lad was one of the earliest LNHers. Unfortunately, he was easily confused with the other trivia based characters. So, when the Grim Reaper Corps was supposed to have Trivia Master snuffed, Pointless Death Man accidentally killed OTL (all this was during CRY.SIG). However, the need for cosmic balance being what it is, etc., etc., OTL was returned to life in the body of a liquid metal shapechanger. He served admirably for a short time as CC's sidekick and eventually joined the Drizzt's Defenders. Here, he found his loyalties divided, as the impostor Ultimate Ninja tried to force OTL to spy on the DDs. However, OTL did his best to avoid just such a conflict of interests. When CC retired and the Drizzt left earth, OTL returned to the LNH.

APPEARANCE: Given that he's a shapechanger, anything he wants to look like. Usually appears as a 5'8" humanoid male in a yellow costume with brown and orange trim (no cape).

STATUS: Member of the LNH, former LNH liason to the Drizzt's Defenders



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