NAME: Nit-Pick Lad

ALTER EGO: Not revealed




POWERS: The ability to nit-pick certain inconsistencies that, for the most part, are incidental to the conversation at hand

PERSONALITY: Nit-Pick Lad is very anal retentive, and hates inconsistencies. Not surprisingly, he is very uptight. He often takes the initiative in many situations. He also likes Spite Grrrl, even though he should by all means dislike her.

HISTORY: Nit-Pick Lad has quite a long history with the LNH, most of which has been forgotten over time (if you can fill it in, please do so). Since Spite Grrrl has arrived in Net.ropolis, Nit-Pick Lad's life has become more exciting. He helped her defeat Happy Pig Boy, and then assisted her in taking on Polybag Person (see CRIMES OF THE BROTHERHOOD) during a road trip to He was also along for the ride, when Liquid Tide transported Spite Grrrl, Trux, and him to the planet Rust, where he designed a machine to get the three back home to Net.Earth. Arriving in Net.varez, Net.xico he joined up with the Los Bastardos team.

APPEARANCE: Nit-Pick Lad is basically a non-descript average build man, who wears glasses only to make himself "look smarter".

STATUS: Member of Los Bastardos; Member of LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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