NAME: The Net.Elementalist

ALTER EGO: Barry Allen Knewbee


CREATOR: Jamas Enright


POWERS: Has control over the net.elements of the Looniverse (although only one at a time). His suit changes colour depending on the net.element. Thread is blue, Net is white, Flame is red, and Keystroke is brown.

PERSONALITY: Although hardened, he is still somewhat naive, and his emotions can run him. He does try to be nice, but often has to be harsh.

HISTORY: Lived in a Real World close to ours, and was thrown into the Looniverse. Having read lots of alt.comics.lnh, he was a fan of the net.heroes, so became Fan.Boy. After many adventures, including falling in love with a man called Dreck, from an alternative future, he had to give up his powers. He joined the Alt.Riders, and was given what he immediately recognised as the Rung of Revamp, which turned him into the Net.Elementalist. Although he now works with the Alt.Riders, he lives with his family in Phila.DEL.phia.

APPEARANCE: An all over black suit, and a band that goes around his head, covering his eyes (replacing his glasses). It changes colours as he changes what net.element he controls. He can mentally will the suit to expose his body.

STATUS: Member of Alt.Riders

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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