NAME: Net.amorph


ALIASES: "Fred", "Ultimate Ninja", others he's copied

CREATOR: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

PRIMARY WRITER: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

POWERS: Uses a combination of stolen and to create GIF copies of people around him, making him look like anyone he wants. He has access to a large database of GIF images to draw from, including LNHers.

PERSONALITY: The Net.amorph is a cold and calculating net.villain, often watching his prey before going in for the kill. He is not above petty revenge schemes, but even these are well-planned.

HISTORY: The Net.amorph started out as a hired lackey working for Manga Man until he was assigned to work with a new partner (Skunk Girl) in a failed attempt to capture Panta. Escaping in a stolen, the Net.amorph began his career anew as an assassin. He seeks revenge on Skunk Girl for her part in his flight from Manga Man. Note: This may or may not be the truth, but it is how he remembers it.

APPEARANCE: A normal-looking man who normally wears civilian clothes with a high-tech belt and kevlar armor underneath his civvies.

STATUS: Solo villain

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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