NAME: Mouse

ALTER EGO: "Mouse" Simons/Connery (depending on which parent she is with)

ALIASES: Subliminal Girl

CREATED BY: Jaelle Ihimaera-Smiler

PRIMARY WRITER: Jaelle Ihimaera-Smiler

POWERS: Mouse (or Subliminal Girl) can emit subliminal messages/suggestions. She can generally influence people's desires but only after great concentration and some time. Her powers are increased if there is music or a TV playing as she can channel the subliminals through them, and her powers are at their peak when used directly after Writers Block Woman's - as people are more susceptible to suggestions then. It is unknown if WBW is immune to Mouse's power as she's generally suffering from her own too much to tell. The drawback to Mouse's powers is that subliminals only work if people don't notice or know about them. Therefore Mouse goes to extreme lengths to avoid looking like a superhero, and refuses to use her 'hero name' of Subliminal Girl. Her secret identity is her secret identity.

PERSONALITY: Mouse is a complete contrast to her mother. She is tougher and very realistic, to the point of being cynical. She has a very acidic tongue and is the resident wise-cracker. Beware when she starts using sarcasm. Mouse also has a very short temper. She has been known to loosen up on occasion but gets exasperated very quickly, especially when her mother decides on a new crazy scheme. She does has a sense of humor though.

HISTORY: Mouse is the daughter of Writers Block Woman (and as such is immune to her powers) and Jonathan Connery (and as such has a lot of money). Her parents divorced when she was very young and Mouse soon found herself defending her mother against her father, although she loved both parents equally - she'd just never admit it. Under the circumstances, Mouse developed a more cynical and world-weary view of the world than most people her age (she's 19). After the kidnaping of her mother by King Konquerer, Mouse flew to the States (in a plane) and joined in a rescue effort with assorted LNHers. When WBW announced that she was planning to stay and join the LNH, Mouse did so too. During the Green Card Quest, Mouse's father, Jonathan Connery, arrived in the Loonited States with the intention of dragging her back to Net.Zealand. Mouse struck a deal with her father, and she now must divide her year between each parent. [Note: Details about Mouse's early life are as yet unrevealed, but will be in Writers Block Woman (and Mouse) #0: The Origin Issue. To be written and released at some point in the future].

APPEARANCE: Mouse is about five foot seven, with short mousey brown hair and brown eyes; she does not resemble either parent, but instead looks a great deal like her father's mother (that's genetics at work for you). She wears a sweatshirt and jeans at most times, and looks about as ordinary as you can get, which is intentional (see Powers).

STATUS: Sidekick to Writers Block Woman

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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