NAME: Morph

ALTER EGO: Rick Mansfield

ALIASES: Amorpheous Lad

CREATOR: Unknown


POWERS: Meta-morph. Can morph into anything...and I do mean anything (with exceptions on size).

PERSONALITY: A wisecracker, but also a solo player. He will work with others, but mainly for his own motivations, not those that motivate the group. He is, however, duped easily enough, and will stay with whatever new ideas are given to him.

HISTORY: Amorpheous Lad was a long time LNHer, but through became bitter through disuse (he knows of the nature of the Looniverse), especially when Pliable Lad came along. He left, but returned under the control of the Master of the Net, who was defeated by Pliable Lad. On leaving the LNH again, he found himself the target of crime boss Frank Bennington, who blamed him for destroying a valuable warehouse, an act the Phantom Walker told him he had done while under control of the Master of the Net. He is responsible for the death of another morph, It-Star, which many members of the LNH do not forgive him for. He helped to set up the Alt.Riders, taking the new name, Morph, and stiil runs into Frank Bennington from time to time.

APPEARANCE: An all over red body suit (even the shoes), which his actually his morphed outer skin.

STATUS: Member of Alt.Riders

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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