NAME: Manga Girl

ALTER EGO: Mango Gal


CREATOR: Tom Russell


POWERS: Manga Girl can do anything that can be done in any anime. That would mean jumping high up, lifting things, forming energy balls, manipulating speed lines, etc.

PERSONALITY: Mango is yer basic fun- loving adaptable. She can fit into any situation. She has the wise cracks, she flirts, she's a bit caustic but very caring. She also has a sort of kleptomanic tendancy, but usually only steals small things from people she detests.

HISTORY: While Manga Girl's origin is, as of now, still unrevealed, it is a well- known fact that she originated on Anime World, that dimension where all anime co-exists. After cutting the hair of her boyfriend /sidekick Fuzzboy, she, along with Fuzzboy and her archenemy the German Frog, crossed over into the Looniverse. With the help of Panta, Cheesecake Eater Lad and Self- Righteous Preacher, the duo managed to thwart the Frog's evil plans. Joining the LNH at Panta's suggestion, Mango was quick to make herself known. After a near defeat at the hands of the evil Apocalisp, Manga Girl found herself hurled into the alt.ernate reality the Age Of Apocalisp. In this reality, Fuzzboy had to save her from the evil of his alt.ernate reality version, Pope. Pope managed to survive the AOA's destruction and tried to kill the LNH. He was defeated, but later returned to haunt Manga Girl once more. Mango has recently joined the Generation Z subgroup, but was kicked out of the LNH in general for her kleptomania. Pope has decided to try to destroy the Looniverse again, and Manga Girl is no longer an LNH member, just when the LNH needs her most.

APPEARANCE: She's a cartoon. 2D, anime eyes (green.) Long purple hair in front with a bundle of silver hair in the back. Long legs and wafer- thin features. Mango wears a tube top which stays on thanks to a havok- like harness that also bears her magical bag of anime tricks (you know, flying nimbuses and that sort of thing). Manga Girl also wears a pair of sweat pants, an LNH belt, and two gym shoes. Somewhat attractive, but not particularly as busty as most anime heroines.

STATUS: Member of Generation Z

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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