NAME: Malingerer Lad

ALTER EGO: Mable (Last Name Subject To Change)


CREATOR: Tom Russell


POWERS: The ability to malinger. This involves faking illness to the degree that he can cause voluntary regurgitation with no pain to himself. However, if he really is sick, he will erupt in violent muscular spasms. This is very bad since he has a pungent allergy to puns, especially bad ones.

PERSONALITY: Responsible. Mable tries his best to lead Teenfactor without making his relationship with Vixen more than just proffessional. This would no doubt cause him to angst, and he is forbidden to angst for all eternity.

HISTORY: As a young teenager( he still is.) Mable spent most of his time studying the Legion Of The Net. Heroes, for information on becoming a hero himself. This brought him many times to the LNH Museum. It was here that he first met Manga Girl, saving her from her archnemesis The German Frog. After this battle and helping defeat the Giant Sewer Rat, Malingerer Lad was summoned to Sig.ago to lead Teenfactor. He took the mantle seriously, and led successfully until Jenifer Frost and her minions, Bad Timing Boy and Morgan Le Fab, took over. He has sinced moved his Teenfactor to Net.ropolis and moved into LNHQ.

APPEARANCE: 5'4, average build. His costume is a pukey green but more cute then repulsive. He has two yellow goggles much like Impulse, and has wavy brown hair. When powers are in use he more then likely has a ring of snot around his nose.

STATUS: Member of Teenfactor

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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