NAME: Macroman

ALTER EGO: Doug Ellis

ALIASES: formerly Kid Macro

CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Macroman has an artificial nervous system which acts as a field generator tapping into the timeindex dimension of the Net, giving him greatly enhanced speed and slightly enhanced reflexes. Because his reflexes didn't keep up with his speed, he needs to use a computer assist and preprogrammed sequences to effectively use his powers. While he once needed to wear his wristcomps at all times or risk uncontrolled seizures from activation of his powers, he has since learned to live without them for hours at a time. One odd application of his power is that he can make short jumps forward in time, up to a second, while retaining an effective forward speed. This lets him "pop" through obstacles if they are thin enough.

PERSONALITY: Used to be very impatient, as befits a speedster, but since his time in the past, he has grown up a great deal and is much more patient and deliberate than he once was. Feels some guilt over the deception he had to maintain when he was in the past.

HISTORY: As a boy in the late 1970s, Doug Ellis idolized one of the few net.heroes then active, Macroman. When he finally got the chance to meet his idol, a bizarre kidnapping scheme left Doug with powers identical to those of Macroman, and for a time he acted as the elder hero's sidekick, Kid Macro. When Macroman apparently died, Doug found he could no longer control his powers, and spent the next decade suffering from frequent seizures, finally turning to alcohol to try and depress his artificial nervous system enough to get through the day. The Robot Invasion forced him to climb out of the bottle, and with help he was able to regain control of his powers and join the LNH. Much later, after Kopikat's meddling created a malevolent secondary personality within his artificial nervous system, Doug was thrown back in time as part of his "evil twin's" plot, and found that he was the original Macroman. He lived more than a year as Alan Berry before returning to the present and defeating Jubatis (his twin, who had split off in the timestream). He's now picking up after the deception he had to engage in when he was in the past.

APPEARANCE: GIFs available here

STATUS: Member of Dvandom Force, reserve member of LNH



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