NAME: Lurker Lad

ALTER EGO: Aaron Adams


CREATOR: Unknown


POWERS: Lurker Lad has the ability to lurk; that is, become completely invisible and intangible, undetectable to all but most other lurkers, and strong psychics.

PERSONALITY: Lurker Lad is a heroic person. He tries his hardest to be a good guy, and feels confident in himself and his teammates.

HISTORY: Lurker Lad is a known, but the exact circumstances of his origins are as yet, unknown. He was one of the earlier LNHers, originally an NWC, who eventually helped found a subgroup, the Net.Titans. Lurker Lad remained with the Net.Titans for a while, but quit when Kid Mysticism, one of his fellow Net.Titans, was killed battling a villain. He recently began to hang out with the Renegade Programmer, Johnny Stomper, as well as BooBoo, having been upgraded to a WC.

APPEARANCE: Lurker Lad is a tall fellow, with red hair, who wears a white costume, including a cowl, and a black belt and cape.

STATUS: Member of the LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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