NAME: Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog





POWERS: None. Mojodog is a talking dog but that's not a power, really.

PERSONALITY: Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog as a collective appear to be an easy-going group of crazy kids, carefree. Loopy takes this to an extreme and can be a bit too easygoing, though he has flashes of intelligence. Marcy feels its her responsibility to take charge when things get hectic as a result, and has become a nervous worry-wart easily aggravated. Mojodog, thinking all this human nonsense is beneath him, is quiet and perceptive, sarcastic and mean-spirited when he does talk, having a short temper. Mojodog has a speech impediment where he randomly starts words with the letter 'R.' All of them use 70's slang or bad approximations of teen slang at times.

HISTORY: Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog just popped up in the LNHHQ one day. Wandering around, they noticed all the heros were struggling to ignore them. They later learned that their appearance in the LNHHQ was a ruse by King Quake to get into the team, at which point they became his apprentices and junior LNHers. With King Quake, they've become friends/acquaintances/enemies of various people about Net.ropolis including Grumb, Psycho-Pawn, Wolfenblitz, Jay Wellings de Ville, and Phantolord. They haven't been adventuring much- their main adventure was one very quick fight with Phantolord. They're not the best of friends with the LNHers yet, though Loopy has met a few of them. In addition, Marcy has a mom who disapproves of her choice of social circles.

APPEARANCE: Loopy and Marcy are teenagers. Loopy has long hair and needs a shave, sharp nose, big pants, normal clothes if a bit dirty, gangly and awkward, darkish hair. Marcy is a red-head, has a headband, puts her finger on her chin when she's thinking. She sometimes wears a purple scarf, a blue jacket, a pink dress, and yellow shoes, but she might try to update her wardrobe sometime. Mojodog, finally, is a big grey dog, a bit goofy-looking though he resents remarks about the looks; Mojodog will sometimes wear a green mask, a yellow cape, and yellow coat shoes. Mojodog is the only one in anything approximating a "costume."

STATUS: Associates of King Quake

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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