NAME: The Little Man

ALTER EGO: Cornelius Van Runt

ALIASES: Coppermane

CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: None. Controls the criminal activity in Sig.ago with an iron hand, and has the Constellation Gang at his disposal. On the alternate Earth-Goon, he has used the Society of Wireless Heroes as his pawns to control the entire world from behind the scenes.

PERSONALITY: Cool and collected front, insecure and afraid he'll lose his city and his power.

HISTORY: Rose to take control of Sig.ago during the 1950s, has held it since, fighting off Yakuza intrusions in the 1970s and 1980s. Angered by Dvandom Force moving onto his turf, he has sought to get rid of them. Recently recruited by DeFacto.

APPEARANCE: Short older man in his 80s but vigorous. Has short reddish brown (dyed) hair that has yet to start thinning, giving him the occasional nickname of "Coppermane."

STATUS: Presumed Dead as of Dvandom Force #58



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