NAME: Liquid Tide

ALTER EGO: Not revealed


CREATED BY: Mike Friedman


POWERS: Simple teleportation (short distances only, about less that one mile). Teleportation is done through dimensions of Looniverse called "Wash" and "Dry Cycles".

PERSONALITY: Liquid Tide is a serious person. She is also from a different planet, so she is very cautious about every situation she encounters on Net.Earth. She used to show many leadership skills, but she has since questioned her abilities since losing her teammates in battle.

HISTORY: Liquid Tide and the Sovran Six came to Net.Earth in attempt to retrieve the bow-tie of power from the man called France, so that she could save her home world of Rust from the J'so empire. All did not go well, however, and the entire Sovran Six team died, except for her. She managed to get help in the form of Spite Grrrl, Trux, and Nit-Pick Lad, as they were transported back to Rust by some J'so troopers. Thanks to Spite Grrrl, they were able to escape, and Liquid Tide used the bow-tie of power to destroy the J'so compound's energy core. This caused the whole word to be trapped in what was known as a "rebirth wave" (see SPITE GRRRL #9-10). Rust was once again a fruitful planet and rid of the evil J'so. In attempt to help Spite Grrrl and her friends home, however, Liquid Tide was caught along for the ride, and she is now trapped on Net.Earth, where she has joined the group Los Bastardos.

APPEARANCE: Caught in a region somewhere in between the "Wash" and "Dry Cycles", she can only appear in the Looniverse when fully concentrated, and then only seen blurry. She's a blatant parody of the Sovereign Seven's Cascade (except for the fact that she's blurry--that comes from that DP7 character).

STATUS: Member of Los Bastardos; probationary member of LNH; former leader of the Sovran Six.



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