NAME: Lightcycle

ALTER EGO: Keyan Gerrig


CREATOR: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

PRIMARY WRITER: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

POWERS: Ability to move at superhuman speeds. Also wears a techsuit that gives him some protection against wind and high-velocity friction, as well as enabling him to emit a solid blue lightwall behind him while running.

PERSONALITY: Outgoing, if somewhat eager to please (especially around Skunk Girl, on whom he has a not-so-subtle crush). He doesn't mind the fact that he was "drafted" into the a.outSiders, as he's enjoying himself thoroughly.

HISTORY: Keyan Gerrig gained his net.ahuman ability to move at high speeds at an unspecified place in time, probably while growing up. While attending his freshman year at Load Island University, he became involved as a "technicians assistant" (aka "lab rat") with Prof. Yoyo Kurawasa's graduate class working on It was as a tech-assistant that he was selected to test out a suit designed to enhance net.ahuman abilities. He was defeated by and then drafted into the a.outSiders during his first appearance as Lightcycle.

APPEARANCE: Wears a battlesuit that resembles the outfits worn by the "programs" in the movie _Tron_.

STATUS: Member of a.outSiders



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