NAME: Librarian Lady

ALTER EGO: Sharon Witherington-Brown


CREATED BY: Saxon Brenton


POWERS: Gorgonising stare to make people stop talking in libraries; well- developed (but not superhuman) strength

PERSONALITY: As Librarian Lady she is cold, conservative, imposing, fierce, and a stickler for rules. As Sharon she lets her hair down (literally) and is warm and sociable.

HISTORY: Librarian Lady originates from England in the newsgroup Her parents died within the last few years, and to make ends meet she was forced to send her sole sibling, Petina, to boarding school while she worked. Upon her appointment as the LNH's librarian, she sent for Petina to join her in Net.ropolis in alt.comics.lnh, but had to first rescue her sister from being mentally enslavement as Footnote Fiend.

APPEARANCE: Librarian Lady appears as a woman in her late forties, wearing a blouse, tweed skirt, and sensible shoes. She wears a cameo, horn-rimmed glasses, and has her hair in a bun. Sharon looks quite different...

STATUS: Librarian for, and reserve member of, the LNH; rumoured to be an initiate to the Librarians of Time and Space



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