NAME: Lagneto

ALTER EGO: Eric Morava


CREATED BY: Jef Kolodziej


POWERS: Able to create lag. This enables him to fly, exact violent death, slow down time for others, appear to have super-speed himself, and so on.

PERSONALITY: Always certain in the rightness of his own actions, Lagneto acts as a "freedom fighter" for paranormals who are rejected as freaks. He has chosen to strike out at a world that he believes knows nothing but violence.

HISTORY: Lagneto aided several net.heroes from afar in stopping the ramapge of the monstrous Eraserhead. When Lagneto was reunited with his daughter, he tried to convince her that he wasn't as bad as she thought he was. He soon decided that her friends in the LNH would never accept him as anything other than a supervillain and decided to accept Captain Coredump's offer to have him take over as leader of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains. It is unclear what impact the knowledge of his actions against Eraserhead would have if the rest of the Brotherhood should learn of it.

APPEARANCE: Old enough to have fathered Pizza Girl. Wears a crimson and purple costume with a cape.

STATUS: Leader of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains



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