NAME: Kid Pocky

ALTER EGO: Algernon Berthold

ALIASES: Acton Lord I

CREATOR: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: An expert in several arcane forms of martial arts, including the skills taught by the Tao of Baked Goods. His specialty is the summoning of various sizes and flavors of Pocky, a sort of candy-coated pretzel stick popular in Japan. In the Looniverse, high-velocity Pocky explodes on impact, so Kid Pocky built a set of wrist-launchers to turn his tasty treats into lethal weapons. Kid Pocky is also totally immune to the Corruption Force, having been a former host.

PERSONALITY: Young, eager to prove himself, and hopelessly hung up on Kat. Under that, though, he can be the same forceful and frightening person he once was as Acton Lord. He's striving for redemption, but knows that sometimes the villain can succeed where the hero would fail

HISTORY: Algernon Berthold was born half-Japanese and half-American in Japan, which is not the best thing that can happen to a kid there. To protect himself from bullies, he took up martial arts, and in his travels eventually learned many of the secrets of the Tao of Baked Goods (Sig.Lad had previously learned some of these skills in relation to bagels). Deciding he stood a better chance of making a name for himself in the Loonited States, Kid Pocky (as he now called himself) came to and stumbled across the headquarters of the new Warlord, then ran to warn Dvandom Force. He has since joined Dvandom Force. None of his teammates consciously know his secret, but some are starting to suspect. How this history reconciles with the fact that he was Acton Lord up until Dvandom Force #60 has not yet been explained.

APPEARANCE: GIF available here

STATUS: Member of Dvandom Force

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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