NAME: Kid Mysticism


ALIASES: The Apparition

CREATED BY: Ben Rawluk


POWERS: Powerful retcotheric/sorcerous abilities. He can also astrally project his thought to his familiar, Spellfire.

PERSONALITY: He loves his powers, and likes to have fun with them. However, he tends to be somewhat aloof, mainly because he isn't truly used to having human emotions.

HISTORY: It all began on the original version of Earth-B. KM started his existence as the Apparition, an aloof, immortal, and inhuman sorcerer, created by the Earth-B Mystic Vulcans. When Earth-B was retconned away he fled, to the Mainstream Earth. He wandered for a while, eventually using cosmetic spells and forsaking his immortality for a human mind, to be able to join the LNH. Later, he helped found a subgroup in the LNH, the Net.Titans

APPEARANCE: Kid Mysticism is young, tall, and wearing a blue costume with a cloak. His face is uncovered, and he has green eyes and red hair.

STATUS: Deceased, Former member of the LNH, member of the Net.Titans subgroup

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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