Content-Type: text/html Kid Lurker

NAME: Kid Lurker

ALTER EGO: Darwin Elson


CREATOR: Ben Rawluk


POWERS: The ability to become invisible and intangible, duplicating the powers of virtually every lurker known to the LNH. The source of his powers is a set of wristbands with metal discs on them.

PERSONALITY: The ultimate optimist. He idolizes the Legion of Net.Heroes.

HISTORY: Darwin Elson lead a rather boring early life. It wasn't until he reached 16, that he discovered the strange discbands in the remains of a spaceship. He wished to join the LNH right away, but college interfered, and it wasn't until when he was 20 that he tried out. Unfortunately, Doctor Stomper explained that his powers duplicated those of too many others, and that he wasn't yet that good with them. Discouraged by his application's rejection, Kid Lurker, along with three other rejected heroes, formed the core of the Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes.

APPEARANCE: A medium-sized young man of about 20, with short red hair and greenish eyes. He's wears a black-and-white spandex costume.

STATUS: Member of the Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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